The Venomous Die Young (Be Good to the Blogger)

Artistic Freedom (Validation and Entitlement)
August 13, 2015
December 31, 2015
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The Venomous Die Young (Be Good to the Blogger)

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Passion isn’t free.

It costs time; valuable time. Sleep is lost at the expense of it. As rest dwindles, mental health can too. When someone works hard at something they do for free, that’s passion. Simple, right? And if someone is willing to potentially exchange the quality of their daily life for something, then it must mean A LOT.

Am I making sense so far?


-Great. We get it, Kasey. Could you get off the soapbox now, please?


Writers and illustrators know all too well the points I’m making. However, once it’s all said and done, some of us tend to revel in that post-hard work feeling: “Time to reap the benefits, right? After all, I deserve it!” Then, as the ego really starts to take hold, they sub-consciously slip into “Hell, I’m ENTITLED to a REVIEW!” I know I sound like a broken record with the E-word, but a lot of us are guilty of this attitude sometimes. Maybe not to that extreme. All the same, it’s important to step outside ourselves and recognize that there are millions of indie hopefuls trying to make it. More importantly, bloggers/reviewers don’t really get paid either. I mean, it’s a real rarity. After speaking with comic journalists on the indie scene (and having been one myself) I can tell you that their work means a lot to them. They’re sacrificing their time and energy to promote people like you.

THEIR time..

THEIR energy..

To promote you. 

Yes, they’re promoting themselves by authoring the reviews and sharing. That’s obvious. But the next time you wanna talk shit about a blogger for turning your comic away, you may want to think twice. This is an unbelievably small community. (Especially here in the Midwest.) You wanna get a rep quick? Keep bein’ like that and you’ll be phased out so fast, it’ll be unreal. Looking at it in black and white Vulcan-like logic, it makes sense to be nice to the people who sacrifice their personal time to promote creators (some who they barely even know) for FREE. This isn’t exactly a job, buddy.

I’m bringing this up because comic journalist for, Crystal O’Rourke, spoke of a nasty comment made by an indie creator on her Facebook page: “Well, I wish my comic would get promoted for free..” Yeah, because Facebook doesn’t have enough blatant passive aggressiveness plaguing our feeds. Shit, they may as well have made a meme out of it. When I read that, it reminded me of why I suddenly stopped reviewing. It wasn’t just because I was working on Pieces of Madness.

Right now, my inbox is overflowing with digital indie comics. I haven’t even written a review in a year or so. Like I said, there’s a lot of us creators out here trying to make it. Unfortunately, I came across a lot that had the entitlement attitude too. I became burnt out and overwhelmed not by legitimate persistence, but by persistent nagging. The passive aggressive thing isn’t new either. It really hurt my feelings because I wanted so badly to get to everyone. Yet, it didn’t seem to matter because I still got venom spat at me. So although I did get really busy, I stopped because of the aforementioned. To those of you still doing it, my respect for you is on another level. You’re the giant piece that is responsible for the indie up-rise. So thank you.

Look, just be good to one another, guys. We’re all busy, we’re all human, we all have feelings, and we’re all in this together.


-Kasey Pierce


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Kosmic Kasey
Kosmic Kasey
Kasey Pierce is a sci-fi/horror author from the Metro Detroit area. Her latest work is sci-fi comic series, "Norah". (Source Point Press) Other credits include horror anthology, "Pieces of Madness". Also forewords and epilogues for author/illustrator, Joshua Werner and Marvel illustrator, Jay Fosgitt. social media:, Twitter:@kosmickasey, and Instagram:@kcdwrites.

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