Ch 10: Project Warlock

Tales of Mr. Rhee: Karmageddon (Manning)
February 2, 2015
February 9, 2015
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Ch 10: Project Warlock

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“This is my life’s purpose, Norah.”

In gray satin pajamas, Norah stood silent in the doorway of their bedroom. She watched her husband type furiously. His posture was that of a monkey as he stared into a monitor that lit the dark. Her disappointment became evident to James as time passed without her response. Realizing the unintentional hurt he’d placed on her, he sat back and removed his glasses. He then turned his head and motioned to her, “C’mere, sweetie.” Like a sheepish child, she strolled his way. He took her by surprise when he suddenly placed a hand on her hip and pulled her onto his lap.

Her arms instinctively sought a home around his neck. Kissing her forehead, he whispered, “I’m sorry, honey.” His lips remained pressed against her crown as he went on, “I meant to say this is our life’s work; the one we’ve been waiting for.” Norah let a harsh exhale and raised her head to meet him with a stern gaze. She then finger combed her mess of black curls from her face to say, “Every year, James..” -“In know I know.”, he nodded in frustration. Biting her lip, she looked to the ceiling, “Every year we say this is the last one. Now I know this is the big one; a chance to finally put our baby to the test.” He simply nodded as she went on. “After this, honey..” she choked, “I want to get on with our lives and have our baby. A real life. We’ve put in our time.” James leaned his head into his hand as he let her continue.

“I don’t want to be weapons of mass destruction anymore.”

“Norah? Hello?”

Norah stared lifelessly into Vera’s eyes as she cryptically replied, “Vera.. I am responsible for the deaths of thousands.” Those words derailed Vera’s train of thought. She stopped short to take in that cold statement. With pursed lips, Norah’s next words would follow a stream of regretful sorrow down reddened cheeks. “And I..”, she threw her hands up and dropped them to her sides, “I have nothing to show for it.”

As Norah’s eyes glazed over like fogged glass, Vera struggled to find fitting words. There were none. After a shrug and a few head shakes, the truth overrode any positive fluff she could possibly muster. I mean, in a matter of hours, everything she knew about herself, her sister, her life, and the universe were all thrown into question. “You never told me what you did for a living.”, Vera said. “But I never really asked.” Norah’s glossy stare remained as Vera went on. “I always assumed it was just more science bullshit I wouldn’t understand.”, she shrugged. “But none of that is neither here nor there now. And I know one day you’ll tell me.” She looked to her right forearm, “Or perhaps you’ll just have to tell me.” With that she flashed a small puncture wound from the syringe that was given to Xora.

Closing her eyes, Norah stumbled back a step in defeat. Despite what a supposed alien prophecy had in store for them, in her sister now lies a dangerous weapon that once claimed the life of it’s host. Xora stepped out of the darkness to break the moment. “Norah, what took James’ life just saved yours. From here on out, I will have no more of this self-pity-” -“FUCK YOU.”, Norah retorted. At this, he ceased his sentence to raise his hands in momentary surrender. “It will also be what saves the human race from extinction, Norah.” Now heaving in anger, Norah stood bubbling as Xora came within an inch of her face.

“This is what he would have wanted.”

Norah drew a breath to lay into this freak who dare speak of her husband’s wishes. But just as she went to tear into him, a low growl sounded from behind the line of trees. Vera’s eyes darted from left to right as clouds of hot breath rose from the cold winter foliage. With a sly smile and a look that never strayed from Norah’s face, Xora spoke in satisfaction, “Although, you handled yourselves well, I don’t trust being thrown to the wolves as always the best form of learning to hone a skill.” Vera shook and backed away as her heightened senses took on a wave of presence closing in from all sides. Dropping her head, Norah conceded, “OK.. Where do you suppose we go?” He responded with an upward nod as her turned and started for the black Chevelle. Following suit, the girls made a quick trudge up the grassy hill towards the car. Every sound they made prompted a chorus of deep growls and gurgling salivation. Their hearts raced as they ran past Xora who’s walk was that of a calm strut. Norah had reached the driver door and began patting around her lab coat for her car keys. No dice. “Oh Jesus..”, she muttered to herself.

Just before her panic could peak, Xora jingled the set of keys in front of her face. “I’m driving.”, he informed. “Get in.” Fear and adrenaline left no time to react to his sudden power position. She quickly shuffled around the car and into the passenger to meet Vera’s hand on her shoulder from the backseat. Xora quickly settled in to place the key in the ignition. The classic beast chugged as he prepared to slam it into drive. As he went to shift gears, Norah placed her hand upon his arm. His eyes slowly panned her way. She met his inquisitive stare to say, “OK, Xora. I trust you.” His eyes narrowed as she went on to ask, “Where are we going?”

His response would follow the sight of the savage pack approaching the car. Vera’s eyes met  a hell spawn creature. The wolf’s eyes wore that of the color he would spill given the chance to rip her flesh. A brief ominous silence took over. Then he slammed in into drive and prepped to launch his foot onto the gas as he answered Norah’s question..

“Somewhere off this planet.”

-Kasey Pierce

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Kosmic Kasey
Kosmic Kasey
Kasey Pierce is a sci-fi/horror author from the Metro Detroit area. Her latest work is sci-fi comic series, "Norah". (Source Point Press) Other credits include horror anthology, "Pieces of Madness". Also forewords and epilogues for author/illustrator, Joshua Werner and Marvel illustrator, Jay Fosgitt. social media:, Twitter:@kosmickasey, and Instagram:@kcdwrites.

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