Chapter 2 Vera

Chapter 1 Norah
July 16, 2014
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July 16, 2014
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Chapter 2 Vera

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Chapter 2

Stepping through the pearlescent elevator doors, she swung her long blonde hair to switch ears.

“Yes. Uh huh..

Well, I told him I’d consider the role..

Yeah. Well I just got the script yesterday..

Uh huh..

Oh I know, right?”

She anxiously stepped around the empty elevator. These new pumps were killing her. They were a gift from thee Mr. Vinelli, though. She thought she should at least wear them to the shoot.


Yeah I’m still here. Just can’t wait to take these goddamn shoes off. Why I decided on the 15th floor I’ll never know..

Right..I know..

The view over Times Square is priceless but this penthouse sure wasn’t. Shit.”

She felt the slight gravity shift as the elevator finally chimed. She readjusted the phone and messenger bag around her off-shoulder cashmere. He always said ivory was her color. Still holding the phone to her ear, she uncomfortably marched down the hall.

“Well listen, can we talk about this tomorrow? ..

Yeah. I’ll hold..ugh.”

She reached into her messenger bag and pulled out her keys. They crashed against the door knob as she attempted to balance the phone between her ear and shoulder. As the door opened, she immediately kicked off her shoes. They disappeared into the shadows as they slid across the wood floor. Slamming the door behind her, she darted for the living room. She plopped down on her oak trimmed sofa and felt the rug fibers between her toes.

“Yeah I’m here.

So yeah, I got the script yesterday. I was hoping to play Sarah instead of Jackie..

What do you mean I look too old? I’m only 28!”

She stood up in an instance as her brows sank. Just then a steady vibration passed thru the floor. The rattling of the objects around her went unnoticed. She was still intently listening to this asshole.

“So?! I know Sarah’s supposed to be 21!..

Really?! I’m not THAT much older!”

She put her hand over her face as she began to huff. As the vibrations steadily climbed the walls, her frames and large Victorian mirror began to shake. With no heed to her surroundings, the couch began to slowly rise from the floor. It climbed a few feet behind her and remained suspended.

“Well you know what? THEY CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES!”
She jerked as she spun around.


No, I ..uh..I tripped..

Yeah, ok gotta’go’bye!”


The vibrations ceased. She surveyed the damage. She had just replaced that sofa, too! “Well there goes another 2 grand couch!”, she elated. Folding her arms, she closed her eyes and bit her lip. She knew that even the slightest of anger could give her away, if she wasn’t careful out there. She wasn’t one for that sort of exhibition. ”Vulgar displays of power.”, as he called it. Taking another deep sigh, she looked up at the ceiling. The recess lights always kept her from crying.

“I’m so over it.”, she told herself.

With that she started towards the kitchen to pour a glass of Riesling. As she put the glass to her lips, she raised her right hand. The stereo remote swiftly made its way from the living room and traveled across the hall at lightning speed. Upon smacking into her palm, she blindly pressed it’s buttons while taking a hefty swig of wine. Some Trip-Hop would remedy this mood. She rocked her head and clumsily gyrated. “Hmm..hmm..hmmmm….Six Underground..”

As she danced she pulled the oversized sweater dress over her head and let it fall to the floor. She reached behind her and unsnapped her lace adorned bra. Upon it hitting the ground, she scooped up her glass and danced her way into the bathroom. She set the glass on the sink before tracing her soft slender frame with her fingertips. Upon completing the trace of her form, she sank her fingers into her mess of hi-lighted locks. She swiveled her barely panty clad hips as she rode the beat for a few moments more.

After stepping out of her black boy shorts, she turned on the bath faucet. At least she hadn’t yet busted her brass tub. After a few minutes passed, she turned off the water. She dipped her toe and stepped cautiously into the tub. She let the water consume her lower half as she sank into the steaming bath. As the water grazed her breasts, she closed her eyes, laid her head back, and thought of him. Her fingers danced underwater around her inner thighs as her mouth dropped open. Her digits began to travel as her legs fell and rose out of the water.


She was suddenly surrounded by 4 red walls, standing upright, and back in her sweater dress. Hearing the sounds of rustling leather, she squinted towards the distance to see a mess of bouncing black curls.

“NORAH! Goddamnit! Why can’t you just call on the phone like normal people?!”

“NOORAAHH”, she responded mockingly, “Why can’t you just call on the phone wike normaw peepo?”

Vera shot her a look of disgust, “God, it still feels weird to hear my own name. You’re a bitch by the way.”

“Oh I’m sorry, ‘HALLE JEAN. “, Norah nodded upwards,” Does Varnor Bros even make checks out to Vera Cleese, anymore?”

“Well that’s what the government calls me.”, Vera responded rolling her eyes. “Just what the hell do you want?”

Norah curiously shifted her eyes left to right, “Can you tell me why it’s so red in here? Oh wait..” she looked satisfyingly, “You were thinking about Xora, weren’t you? Way to turn up the heat, dirty girl! Tell me, did I interrupt something?”

Enraged, Vera clenched her fists. With that, Norah was thrown speedily into the wall behind her and she crashed to the floor.

Norah looked up, “Jesus, Vera! Take a joke!”

From the floor, Norah met Vera’s eyes and stared intently. Just then, Vera clutched onto her own cranium and dropped to her knees in pain, “OK, STOP! THE PRESSURE!”

Norah’s hard stare faded, “Well stop being so sensitive! That was always your problem! Dad always said you cried about every damned thing, brat.”

Vera rubbed her head as she arose, “Well that one time you pressed on my brain, I went into a seizure! Don’t mess with me like that!”

Norah laughed as her black boots danced around Vera like Muhhamed Ali, “Oh c’mon, tough girl-”

-“NORAH, STOP! ..I had a really long day, ok!?”

Norah ceased her bounce to face Vera, “What? Did break another piece of furniture?” Vera looked at the ground before Norah started back in, “You know you gotta control that shi-“ ,

“-Then stop!”, Vera snapped.

“Alright, alright.”, Norah conceded, “I saw Xora last night and he wants us to meet him at the Pony Pub tomorrow at 8. He’s got an assignment.”

Vera cocked her head inquisitively, “Where’d you see him?”

“Um”, Norah shrugged, “Some dude’s barn…some….poor bastard.”

Vera crossed her arms and shifted her hips, “Really? And why didn’t HE tell me?”

Norah mirrored her stance, “Because I wanted to tell you, personally. I haven’t seen you in forever! We’re still family after all.”

“I love you but you’re still a bitch.”, Vera responded, “I’ll be there.”

“You better be”, Norah replied, “Oh and one more thing, because I’m dying to know ..just what IS alien sex like?”

Vera squinted and shook her head as she turned and started for the far wall.

“I’m being serious! Does he shape-shift from his Rockabilly appearance?”, Norah laughed, ”Do you throw on some Tool and grind his insect-like genitals?”

Vera picked up her pace, “Goodnight, ASSHOLE!”

Gasping for air, Vera awoke in her tub as her body became aware of her being once more.

She felt a cold, damp mist on her shoulder.

She looked to her right.

“Shit! Now the SINK! Thanks, Norah..”

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Kosmic Kasey
Kosmic Kasey
Kasey Pierce is a sci-fi/horror author from the Metro Detroit area. Her latest work is sci-fi comic series, "Norah". (Source Point Press) Other credits include horror anthology, "Pieces of Madness". Also forewords and epilogues for author/illustrator, Joshua Werner and Marvel illustrator, Jay Fosgitt. social media:, Twitter:@kosmickasey, and Instagram:@kcdwrites.

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